Device shows IS ONLINE = false

I have followed :

twice just in case I skipped something.
After I install open-balena in my server and after login using balena-cli in a remote laptop and create the sdcard with balenaos and configure it to be used with my open-balena instance. My Raspberry Pi 3 shows
IS ONLINE = false.
Is there a way (in the client side, device itself or the server) to test if the Raspberry Pi is indeed offline?


Hello @rlev, this is a known issue with current balenaOS that we’re actively working to resolve. See this reply for details: Device not online / Production

Thanks @dfunckt for quick response.
Can you explain in detail the workaround steps?
Thank you.

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Please tell us about workarounds :tired_face:

Can somebody please help us with this workaround procedure?

Thank you.

I think it’s better to use just one topic for this. I’ve created this topic and I’ve posted my workarounds (in progress) there.