Devices recognized by server but always offline


Hey there,
Thanks to the openbalena team for a great product. I’ve setup an openbalena server, can login to it, setup apps, and configure OS images, but I’m stuck on getting devices to show up as online once they boot up. Whether prod or dev images, the devices boots, provisions and registers with my openbalena server. I can see them when I run balena devices for example. But they always show up as offline, and are basically inaccessible.

I’ve read a couple other threads where this seems to be about the server’s self-signed certificates, and that there may have been a recent release that fixes this. I’ve stopped my server and confirmed my clone is current with the master branch, and then restarted the server, but same result. If this issue was resolved with the recent release, are there special steps to take to ensure my server functions as expected? Maybe I’m missing something.

If others have had success getting devices to show up as connected, can ssh to them, and push releases, did you encounter this issue? and if so did you find a workaround?


How to setup CNAME

Hi @critzo thanks for the feedback. The devices showing offline and disabled SSH access is something we are aware of and are currently working to solve.

Despite the device showing as offline you should still be able to create applications and push releases, let me know if this works for you.


@critzo just wanted to let you know that devices running balenaOS version 2.29 and above should be properly appearing online.