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Good day,

I am a beginner and just getting started with Balena. I have got a Raspberry Pi 3B and an openBalena instance on Ubuntu 18.04. I am running the BalenaCLI and openBalena instance on the same machine. I have setup the CNAME tags by editing the etc/hosts file as mentioned here.

My device is currently only showing as IS ONLINE=false. Following thread1 and thread2 it seems the issue was fixed by using balenaOS 2.29.0. I am using balenaOS 2.43.0+rev1. However I am using the development version. balena scan returns no results with the production version.

Following thread3, I get OK when I run curl from my machine but get a port 443: connection refused error when running the command within my balenaOS device.

I assuming I need to copy the certificate from the server to the device but don’t know how to go about it. Following thread1 it doesn’t seem as easy as just mounting the SD card and copying over.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards

Hi Josh,
I am wondering how name resolution works in your system. Adding entries to your servers host file will make those host resolve on the server but nowhere else unless your server is the name server for the network. To allow a device to connect it must be able to resolve whatever api URLs you are using in the config.json. For this you will either make your standard name server resolve those host or set up a name server using dnsmasq or bind that resolves the names.
So you should look at the hosts configured in the config.json on the device , eg:

    "vpnEndpoint": "vpn.openbalena.local",
    "registryEndpoint": "registry2.openbalena.local",
    "deltaEndpoint": "https://delta.openbalena.local",  

and make sure that there that they resolve to your server first.