balenaSound: Device is Offline and I'm stumped as to why

I made this post a couple days ago but it hasn’t gotten any uptake. Maybe I posted in the wrong location?

Long story short: a device has suddenly gone offline. I haven’t made any config changes, and a reboot didn’t remedy the problem. Logs are in that other post along with the results of a couple commands I saw that were recommended elsewhere.

Any help very much appreciated.


Offline status means it is not connected to VPN and has not any recent API communications. Can you please check if there is something wrong with the internet connection?

In the other post, you mentioned there is another working device; if they use the same network, we can try to use the working device as a gateway to access the offline one.

Thank you for the reply. There’s nothing wrong with the Internet connection — all other devices in the house are working fine… There is another RPi3 running balenaSound, so let’s do as you suggest.

Can you please grant supporrt access to the offline device and another working one so we can have a look?

I’ve done that, enabled for 3 hours.

Maybe my 3-hour window was too short. I’ve re-enabled that for 1 day.

Hey Grant,

We’ve been having an internal conference here at balena - so support has been a bit slower than usual. If you could re-enable support access for a few days, we can take a look at this device.

Also, a few questions:

  • what device type is this?
  • is the device blinking any error codes when you look at it?
  • can you ping the IP you can see the device has from your router?
  • if you reboot the device, are you able to see the IP removed from the list on your router, and then re-added?

We can try and SSH into the device from the other working device on your network - but it would also be great if you could ensure there are no network reasons your end (IP conflict…etc).


I figured I was at a dead end and so replaced balenaSound with a Sonos setup a couple of days ago.

Hey Grant,

You’re no longer using balenaSound then? Is there anything else we can help you with?