Device office, and Public URL not working but device reachable via local network IP address


We have a device that connects reliably to a Wifi network and we can reach via a the local network ip address, eg

But it does not always connect to the balena cloud dashboard, and the public URL also does not work in this condition. Instead we get a 503 error. A power cycle of the device often fixes this issue.

Q1: does the public URL require the device to be “online” (as listed on the dashboard)?
Q2: which logs should we try to look at?
Q3: should we try checking through the balena api for a combination of device online, public url enabled, a non-200 response from the public url, and reboot automatically?



Hi @jason10!

Yes, the device public URL is going through our VPN service, and the device “online” status just means that the device is successfully connected to our VPN.

Probably the best is the openvpn logs?

journalctl -a -u openvpn

If that has errors, that would explain this issue.

This shouldn’t be necessary. The VPN connection should work, and if not, we’ll likely want to look into that. Also might be possible to just restart the openvpn service (if that’s the issue), and see if it works on retry. That would be possible (as a workaround until getting to the bottom of it) to trigger a restart to the service over dbus from a user container, for example.

Also, what OS version are you running?



Thanks for the answers.

CTI Orbitty with Jetson TX2, Resin OS 2.14.0+rev3