Problem accessing device via public URL.

Hi all,
I am new to balenaCloud, so bare with me; I installed balenaCam on my raspberry pi 4 and all seemed to go well on the install. When I view the dashboard, I see that the device is online and connected to the VPN. However when I engage the public URL option and click the link, an error displays that “tunneling socket could not be established: 500” and it continues by saying that its possible that nothing is listening on port 80 on the device. Could you all help me figure out how to resolve this issue?


Hey, can you run the health checks in the diagnostics tab, it will help debug this faster.

Here is what the diagnostic turned up.

Hi there, it seems some of the services are restarting, did you pull the latest changes for balenaCam? Maybe you can try SSHing into the HostOS (you can do that from the dashboard’s terminal) and run journalctl -f there and see what shows up in the logs. Also, did you set the required environment variables as documented in the guide? You can also try clicking the “Deploy with balena” button, which should preset all the required variables for you.

Im going to retry by deleting the device and the application and try it again from the beginning. I was following a different website for instructions instead of the balena official guide so I may have missed some important details along the way. I will keep you all updated. Thank you!