Device is_online = True and is_connected_to_vpn = True - but not reachable?


We have a device with a customer that, according to OpenBalena is online. However, it is not reporting to our backend (separate from balena) and we are not able to ssh to it (using tunnel). Note that we have no problem accessing other devices - so it does not seem like a setup issue.

Here is the output we get using Python SDK:
{‘created_at’: ‘2020-10-11T08:50:37.267Z’,
‘id’: 111,
‘actor’: 179,
‘uuid’: ‘’,
‘local_id’: None,
‘device_name’: ‘old-wildflower’,
‘note’: None,
‘device_type’: ‘raspberrypi4-64’,
‘belongs_to__application’: {’__deferred’: {‘uri’: ‘/resin/application(7)’},
‘__id’: 7},
‘is_online’: True,
‘last_connectivity_event’: ‘2021-08-02T10:55:52.614Z’,
‘is_connected_to_vpn’: True,
‘last_vpn_event’: ‘2021-08-02T10:55:52.614Z’,
‘is_locked_until__date’: None,
‘logs_channel’: None,
‘public_address’: None,
‘vpn_address’: ‘’,
‘ip_address’: ‘’,
‘is_on__commit’: ‘’,
‘download_progress’: None,
‘status’: ‘Idle’,
‘os_version’: ‘balenaOS 2.48.0+rev1’,
‘os_variant’: ‘prod’,
‘supervisor_version’: ‘10.8.0’,
‘provisioning_progress’: None,
‘provisioning_state’: ‘’,
‘api_port’: 48484,
‘api_secret’: ‘’,
‘is_managed_by__service_instance’: {’__deferred’: {‘uri’: ‘/resin/service_instance(115)’},
‘__id’: 115},
‘should_be_running__release’: None,
‘is_managed_by__device’: None,
‘__metadata’: {‘uri’: ‘/resin/device(111)’, ‘type’: ‘’}}

Trying to issue a reboot using the python SDK and CLI doesn’t work either - the response we get is:
BalenaRequestError: Request error: tunneling socket could not be established, cause=socket hang up

Finally, is it possible that the device is offline but open balena thinks it’s still online? is this a known issue? is there a way to ‘refresh’ open balena?

Thanks!! :wink: