weblink not working

clicking on resin uuid weblink and getting page not available.

Hi @frankbo,
Could you clarify the url that you refer to and where was this generated?
Is there any chance that you mean the device public url that our documentations mentions?

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yes the public url is not working but it is enabled.
also, on the Balena Cloud my device shows offline but I can see the ip address change on reboots.

The device will be showing as offline because it is not connected to the balena VPN, which will also be the reason that the public url is failing - without the VPN there is no way for us to tunnel the request to your device

is that as simple as enabling it ?

Hey there!

The device should be connecting to the VPN by default; its not something you should enable yourself. If public URLs are enabled and there is a container binding to the corresponding port, then things should be working as expected. Can it be that the network that you are in is preventing the device from connecting to our VPN due to firewall rules?

Having said that, there are ways to manually disable the VPN. You haven’t done that, right?

We have 3 devices running digital signage and the admins all of a sudden cannot access them with the public URL. They have to enter the IP address in web browser instead.

Can you send us the UUIDs of some of the problematic device and enable support access so we can take a closer look?

Hi @frankbo,

Were you able to get this sorted? We’d be happy to take a look at our end.

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