Device not visible in balenaCloud dashboard

I just installed balenaOS onto my Raspberry Pi and it said to check my balenaCloud dashboard, yet I could not see the device.

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To help troubleshooting, can you tell us what version of the raspberry pi do you have?
There are two easy ways to get additional context/information on why the Pi is not reporting to balenaCloud:

I do, I have it plugged in.

Can you recognize any pattern on the ACT led?

Everything on the link you provided is fine.
On the monitor, it shows:
balenaOS (in ASCII art of course)
Booted - Check your balenaCloud dashboard.

Now it also shows:
[192.697780] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): supervisor0: link is not ready

I see, if you can’t see issues via the ACT led, then we would need to examine the output of the boot log for which you need to use a development image. If you are using a development image you should already be able to see the boot log on the HDMI screen when you boot the device. We would be looking in there for any type of error at this point, you can examine it yourself or feel free to share even a picture of it in here if you find anything suspicious.

Hey, I put it in development and now I’m in the root directory.

Great! Does that solve your issue? If I understand correctly, you wanted to access the device from the balena dashboard and now you have shell access to it’s root directory.