Device is always inactive? vpn problem?

how can i check whether the device can reach the Balena servers ?
When i re-flash my device, i ssh into it, i can’t login to the balena.And my logs stuck in as showed in the pic below.

According to this page:
[ ],
here is my test result. Could someone help me?

Hi, when you are doing balena login inside a device - you are logging into docker registry, because balena is balena-engine there, not balena-cli. You can check if dns is working by pinging external services, like:


Also can you check VPN?

nmap -p 443

nmap: command not found

You should run it on the computer connected to the same network as the device (sorry for not telling this before)

Can you capture the full logs of the VPN and send us as text file? It’s hard to see from the screenshot.
Also, why did you re-flash the device? Was VPN working before you re-flashed?

that’s all the logs…How could i capture the full logs of the VPN ?
Because i re-flash it to develpment mode for ssh login. VPN is not working before i re-flashed

You can get full logs using journalctl -u openvpn --no-pager. What kind of network is the device on? if it is a corporate network, it might be that a man in the middle proxy that is disrupting the VPN traffic.

Below are logs for journalctl -u openvpn --no-pager
Yes, it is a corporate network.

We think vpn connection is blocked by firewall. Can you customize your firewall or try connecting the device to other network?

how can i try connecting the device to other network?
i have connecting the device within vpn, but the device can’t open vpn

I mean connect your device to other network that is not your corporate network and see if it works. Or contact your network admins to allow balena VPN traffic to pass through the firewall.

Hi @janetao,
Since you already have SSH access to the device, you can connect to balenaOS (the hostOS) and use the Network Manager cli to choose a different WiFi for the device to connect to
For example you could set up a WiFi hotspot on a mobile phone, so that we can rule out whether the issue is related to the corporate network configuration.
Let me point you to our documentation page about this:

Please double check that the settings that you will be providing.
After you issue that command your SSH connection will drop and you will have to connect again using the new network that the device will be using.

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