Device download loop

Hello, my device ace3211 appears to be in a download loop, and it’s downloading a relatively small change.

Here is the OS that the device is running.

Resin OS 2.12.6+rev1 (prod)

I’ve rebooted the device which doesn’t appear to have helped. There also isn’t any specific information from the device logs about what the problem is. The device will make progress and merely restart the download with this message:

Downloading delta for image '

Are you able to help me figure out what the issue is? I’ve granted support access.

Hello, can you please send us the first 8 characters of the device UUID so we can take a look?

Thank you, the device UUID prefix is ace3211b

I also noticed this message here but I’m quite certain that the Internet connection is OK from this device.

Failed to download image '' due to '(HTTP code 500) server error - Get net/http: TLS handshake timeout '

Looks like Docker was crashing on the device. I cleaned up the images and the Supervisor is now downloading the complete image from scratch, albeit very slowly. With deltas before, it was failing and falling back to scratch as well, which suggests there was/is SD card corruption (deltas fall back to scratch if the image on the device is not identical to the one used to generate the delta).

OK, thank you very much. I’ll check if there were any kernel messages supporting what you’re saying. To save your team time for future investigations, would it make sense to surface this to the end-user? There was no specific indication in my device logs that this happening.

In fact, telling me that my SD card is failing would be super helpful. Feature request? :slight_smile: