Data Center Temperature and Humidity Probe (piProbe)


Hi there,
I wanted to share my project with you all. I’ve implemented a solution for monitoring the temperature and humidity for two data centers that I’m responsible for maintaining. I did this using the AM2302 temperature and humidity probe, InfluxDB, Grafana, Python, and Belena.

This allows me to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity despite the analog thermostats in the data centers. I’ve added multiple probes to the each data center. One near the thermostat and another in the server rack, and plan to add more. This way I’m able to determine the temperature the thermostat is reading and the air temperature that the servers are actually breathing.

I wanted to share this project with you all, incase there was someone else interested in a solution to this kind of problem. Setup and instructions can be found in the project wiki. I’ll include a few screen shot of Grafana below.

Project Link:
Project Wiki:


Awesome project, thanks for sharing it with us!