Adafruit air/temp integration project - help required.

Hi Team,

We are looking for support/developer to help me with a very tight time scale project. We are developing a remote monitoring solution which is 50% complete but I am having issues getting the Adafruit air/temp sensors working along side everything else.

The project at the moment is developed using the blocks, browser and home assistant on a Pi4.
If I cant find someone to support it I will continue on myself :slight_smile:

At the moment I can see that the i2c devices are showing in the terminal log but it status that it cant find the correct drivers, so I guess its just a case of including the correct lib’s in a docker file to be able to pull the data from the Adafruit sensors, and this is where my knowledge falls short at the moment. I know I can do it evenly but want to see if I can short cut this a little.

If Balena wanted to turn this into a blog project I would be happy to sponsor it :slight_smile:

For further development we also want to include internal not external cellular connection and I am also keen to build in LoRaWan or BLE device for external sensors.

Any pointers/support would be very much appreciated.
You Generate CIC

Hello @YouGenerateCIC thank you for your message! Your project looks amazing!

related with adafruit temperature sensors (i2c) you can see here an example that maybe can give you some hints balena-weather/humidity at master Β· hferentschik/balena-weather Β· GitHub

maybe if you share the sensor that you are trying to connect we can point you to a project running it (if exist).

Let us know next steps on your project please :pray:

Thanks @mpous, will have a look at the weather/humidity project.

I have the screen, HA and 3G device working correctly but I just cant get the Adafruit i2c working.

They are the SCD-30 and SGP30. I would really like to get those going but if not I have the BMR688’s which I can use, which were used on the Sense project I believe. Thanks Richard.

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Thank you @YouGenerateCIC

Let us know if you can make it work. If you have issues, feel free to let us know more here!