Customizing EtcherPro

Hi Team,
Is there a way to customize the software, running on the EtcherPro?

I´m interested in reding the CID Registers on a SD-Card with the EtcherPro.
Therefor I need to get access to the software running on the device. It is for sure deployed with balenaCloud or a derivate of it.

Will I get access to the balenaCloud Interface for my device(s) (EtcherPro)?

Best Regards

Hello @Markus.Kohn.GWA thank you for your message! These are great questions! I pinged internally the EtcherPro team.

Having said that, if i’m not wrong, Etcher Pro runs balenaEtcher on balenaCloud. So i’m sure you will be able to reflash your EtcherPro.

Hi @Markus.Kohn.GWA,

As I commented in the past we have a way to read the CID via the Etcher SDK but currently we don’t expose it to the UI. We have the intention to do so but the team is busy with EP development and haven’t managed to work on it yet. Every EtcherPro runs on a balenaCloud fleet we manage. If you want to make changes to the software you’ll need to create a fleet on balenaCloud and we can move your device there. From then on you are forking and we won’t be able to support you software-wise, apart from the balenaCloud fleet support. You will be able to push any kind of software you like. You can find the current EP’s software here.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Hi @mpous
Thank you for your answer! :smiley:

Hi @konmouz
Thank you for your answer, I really would like to do what you have mentioned. Sounds like the best way for now. :smile_cat:
I just created the fleet gwa_hygiene_gmbh/etcherpro and gave support access until end of June. Feel free to move the device to the fleet, it´s MAC Address is 00:01:C0:2C:61:99


Is it possible that you push a build of the latest release to the fleet?
This way, I could easily switch between my dev environment and a running system for usage for my colleagues.


@Markus.Kohn.GWA, can you add g_konstantinos_mouzakis1 as a developer to your fleet so I can move the device? You can remove me afterwards. I’m not able to push to your device but as I mentioned earlier, this repo has the latest release for the EtcherPro device. Instructions are here, don’t worry about setting a ETCHER_PRO_VERSION env var.

Hi, i just added you to our EtcherPro Fleet.

Thank you for this solution.



Can you tell me, what ETCHER_PRO_VERSION the EtcherPro we got is?


Hi @Markus.Kohn.GWA, I have now moved your device to your fleet and deleted myself from your org, so I don’t have access anymore. Feel free to play around! About the ETCHER_PRO_VERSION, as I mentioned before you don’t need to set it for your device. Let me know if you need anything further.

Hi @Markus.Kohn.GWA, any progress on this? Did you manage to push the release to your fleet successfully?

Hi @konmouz
I have been away from Keyboard for about a week.

Just spun up my pc and build + pushed the latest version of the repo you mentioned to the fleet.

EtcherPro Running fine now, with our fleet.
I think this Thread can be marked as solved.

Thanks again to you guys.

Could we do the same trick again for our new device? @konmouz

@Markus.Kohn.GWA to be clear you want to move your new EP device to your own fleet? Can you sent an email to so we can take it from there?