EtcherPro progress updates

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Hi Igor, I pinged the team to find out the best way to accomplish this, and we will let you know, thanks!

Hi Balena Team,
is there a way to get the Card IDs from the Etcher Pro Hardware? Will the software on the Etcher Pro be customizable?

Hi @Mawiguk0, what ID are you referring to specifically?

EtcherPro runs Etcher, the free and open source application that you can install and test on any computer. The features are the same, what changes is the speed and capacity due to dedicated hardware. In terms of customization, instead of using Etcher, you have the ability to write and run anything you want. Happy to help further.

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Thanks for your reply @konmouz

Card Identification (CID) Register is a 16 byte code that contains information that uniquely identifies the SD card, including the card serial number (PSN), manufacturer ID number (MID) and manufacture date (MDT).
It is usually accessible under /sys/block/mmcblk0/device/cid for this to work the SD-Card must be used in a “special” type of card-reader. It would be great if such one is used in the EtcherPro.
The CID is a feature of SD-Cards not used that often. For some still really interesting.

Hi @Mawiguk0, it seems that we have this info and we could potentially expose it on the drive selection table. Can you share more on why this info is useful? We want to understand if this would be helpful for other users too. Thanks.

Hey there! EtcherPro team here, with the exciting news that EtcherPro is now officially CE Certified!

This is exciting news for us, as we’ve worked hard for months to find a solution to reduce the EMI emissions. Passing CE Certification is a huge milestone for us, as we are now able to ship to EU destinations.

We will be receiving the final components needed to fulfil all orders at the beginning of August. And, having completed the setup of our subassemblies in our Athens assembly line, we have been able to start production and expect to be able to begin shipping the first complete devices very soon!

We’re also working really hard on getting FCC certified and look forward to being able to give our customers in the US the news that we will be able to ship to them shortly.

Thank you for all your time, patience and understanding along the way. It’s been a long journey, but we’re definitely a huge step closer to getting EtcherPro into your hands!

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Hey Team,

Glad to hear CE certification passed. It’s been a month since the last update. Any ETA for US customers?


Hi @redpomidor,

Which email did you use for your order? You can email me at I just want to check where about you are in the queue. We still haven’t received the FCC certification, but we are considering sending beta devices to customers from the US until we get the FCC. Production is pretty slow at the moment due to the component shortages but we follow a first come first serve approach.

EtcherPro is shipping :tada: :tada: :tada:

We just shipped the first EtcherPro device to a real customer :raised_hands: It only took us about 4 years hitting countless walls :sweat_smile:but we learned a ton, we shaped a great internal hardware team, we developed a product we are proud of and we even ended up designing our own assembly line!


Next steps

  • We are still facing shortages on one particular component that could block production
  • The team has a promising alternative we are testing and we should have news soon
  • We plan to fulfill all Special Edition orders plus a few more in the next 1-2 months
  • Just a note that despite we are shipping EtcherPro, ‘daisy-chaining’ feature is not available yet and we’ll be released soon, possibly before the end of the year
  • We have started the FCC certification process, which will take around 1-2 months

Congrats :slight_smile: - has been a long road, but you did it :slight_smile: !


We ordered one of the special edition EtcherPro units, but have not yet received any notice that our unit has shipped yet. That said, we are based in the US. Are devices to be shipped to US-based customers being held pending FCC certification? Is there any way for us to check the estimated ship date for the EtcherPro we ordered?

@rgstech we can’t officially send devices to US before getting FCC approved. For the moment, we are only sending some beta devices. Can you please email me your order number at Thanks

Received the special edition Etcher Pro and just wanted to drop in and say thanks! It looks and functions amazingly. Look forward to replacing our entire group of SD programmers with EPs :slight_smile:

Great work by the whole team and sorry I left before it started shipping :wink:


So… every Etcher Pro gets delivered with a balena Team member? Do I get that right? :laughing:

(Sorry <3)


My Etcher Pro didn’t come with a team member, but it did include some sweet stickers and a nice T-shirt, and the power cord situation is a clever solution to avoiding extra throwaway cables if you end up needing multiple units AND handling the variety of power plugs around the world.


Hi everyone,

We have some updates:

  • We have already sent a small batch of devices to the first customers and we are getting in touch to gather feedback
  • We are still going very slow in the production line since apart from assembling the devices we are also working on the actual assembly line trying to improve our processes and deliver higher quality devices faster. Quality control proved to be a challenge, especially these days that shortages put a lot of stress to manufacturers.
  • Unfortunately, we are still struggling to source the ethernet switch which is our current production bottleneck. After some consideration, we decided to remove the ethernet ports entirely. This sounds a bit brutal but we actually believe it will improve the product. Our thinking is that if we do daisy-chaining over WiFi mesh instead of ethernet it will unlock the production (since we won’t need the ethernet switches anymore) and it’ll improve the user experience. Imagine that instead of having to plug cables from one device to another, users will only need to connect their devices to the same network and EtcherPro will take care of the rest. In the rare case that someone desperately needs to use ethernet to avoid radio waves, they could sacrifice a USB slot and use a USB to ethernet adapter to get around this.
  • We also stuck on the FCC side as the ethernet switch produces some unwanted emissions, so getting rid of this components will help here too
  • Finally, we are planning to release soon a walkthrough of our assembly line where we share a lot of insight about our process and challenges

Hi @konmouz is there a new status update comming soon?

Hi @Markus.Kohn.GWA yes, we have passed the FCC testing and we are waiting for the official report this week. When we have it I’ll make an update.

We have some amazing news:

  • EtcherPro is officially FCC certified. This is very exciting news for us as we fought with emissions for several months causing a lot of delays.
  • We have shipped 27 devices to customers so far and we are expect to ship gradually accelerate shipping as more components come available and our pipeline gets optimised
  • As we announced previously, we will remove the ethernet ports as they produced emissions that stopped us from passing FCC and caused complications in production. We believe we can achive a better UX for daisychaing over wifi so we are doubling down on this. We’ll still have a few devices with ethernet in production that we’ll be shipped to customers. We’ll get in touch with customers that have already placed pre-orders and will receive devices that support only WiFi to check if they are happy to proceed.
  • We are receiving valuable feedback from customers already and we are making improvements to the software. We have also developed a diagnostics app to use in our assembly line for device self testing and we are planning to release it to EtcherPro users soon.