Connectivity log?

Hi there,

Is there any way i can see a log about the loss of connection from resin supervisor to the internet portal?
i’m need some proof of internet issues at client site :slight_smile:


Hi, don’t think we have such a thing (but it would be handy, come to think of it).

How would you like to test the network connectivity?

Some workaround ideas, from inside your user container you can try to connect outward, and diagnose the connection from there, or keep some network connectivity log within your device (logging to /data inside the container, so it will survive application restart)…
Another idea is running any small webserver in the container, turning on the Public Device URL, and monitoring whether that is reachable e.g. through (but that will go through the infrastructure, and you might need some more direct way of proving that the issue is on the client’s side…

Network connectivity issues are tricky, we do a lot of connection issue checks, but usually as simple as pinging outside (e.g. could do ping >> /data/ping.log)

Does this help at all?