Resin-wifi-connect behaviour and storage of credentials

I have had a look at the documenation for resin-wifi-connect but am unsure of its behaviour under the following circumstances:

  1. Unplugging wired ethernet causes to lose its connection to the device even after internet connectivity was established via the portal. Is this because it is not capable of switching to WiFi if wired connectivity was previously established?

  2. Does resin-wifi-connect retain its settings between updates? I understand the settings live in the host OS, so presumably overwriting its container should not wipe this and the connection will not be lost.

Hi, do you unplug the Ethernet cable from the device, or the Ethernet device is still up, but without Internet connectivity? If it is disconnected then the device will regain connectivity through WiFi. If you are talking about the second case, an improvement is coming soon. As for retaining connection settings between updates - yes, those will be preserved.

Regarding point 1, the device has connectivity via ethernet and WiFi (ifconfig shows it is connected and resin-wifi-connect reports it has connected).

However, if I physically pull the cat5 cable out then the management page reports the device as offline until I plug it back in. The management page shows 2 ip addresses, one wired and one wireless.

I will try it on a different WiFi network as perhaps it is just a case of our office network not being well-configured.

While still connected on both interfaces you may do ping -I wlan0 to make sure there is connectivity through the wireless interface.

@majorz it worked on another network so looks like there was something wrong with the network itself. I couldn’t actually ping the device from another machine either on the “faulty” network. I will try your suggestion to confirm it is indeed a problem with our network rather than resin-wifi-connect, thanks for your help.

Thanks, please let me know your findings.

@majorz I haven’t had any subsequent problems so it looks like it was indeed a network issue

Thanks for following up on this. Good to know.