Device drops off network - appears to not recover


We’re currently evaluating using Resin as a way to manage and deploy our code. We have about 7 test systems running in our office. We moved a couple (successfully) from one application to another, but then the following day both units stopped talking to our servers. They also came up as off-line in the resin dashboard.

After a power-cycle they then came back to life.

This seemed to coincide (no complete proof) with some transient DNS issues that we were seeing.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to extract any logs from the host os/Resin supervisor to see why those units dropped offline? One of the great advantages of Resin to us is the ability to catch any errors that may exists in our applications and act as a safety net, but this has obviously slightly concerned me as some of our units will be installed in fairly inaccessible locations so we can’t always power cycle to recover.

many thanks

Hello Richard,

You should be able to see the last logs of the device in the dashboard.
You can also use dev images to be able to ssh into the host os on the local network to try to troubleshoot the issue if it happens again: .

Hi @richardsims, what version of resinOS are you using, what device type, and what networking (wifi or ethernet)?

You can try enabling persistent logging (through the config.json, see the information in the docs in this section: ), so that the device logs survive reboot (normally they are ephemeral).

Hi Imreh,

We were using the latest production image 2.9.6 at the time.

There were some strange DNS issues at the time in the office, and we’ve not seen the same problem since. We were on a wired (Ethernet) connection.

We did end up having to power cycle the units.

I’ll keep an eye on it….


Thanks a lot for the feedback! Haven’t seen such issues on Ethernet, so if there’s any update, just keep us posted. Glad it is working now, cheers!