Configuring resin-sample.ignore

The network I’m trying to connect my raspberry pi 3 to requires additional information besides the SSID and password, so my raspberry pi 3 doesn’t automatically connect to any networks when I boot it up. However, I noticed there’s a resin-sample.ignore file that I can fill in with information and remove the .ignore from. However, how do I edit this file? There don’t seem to be any text editors installed with the image, and I can’t connect to any networks to install text editors.

Would I need to connect my raspberry pi to another network / set-up a wired connection to get a text editor to connect to my desired network?

Hello, are you using one of the balena base images in your Dockerfile, I think nano should be present in those.

Hi there, you also should be able to mount the SD on a dev machine and edit the file from there.