Trouble Connecting RPi 3 to Wifi

Hi, I’m relatively new to this, so please forgive the question if it’s obvious.

I’m trying to use balenaCloud for a project, but I’m a bit confused on how to set it up. I went through the balenaCloud setup and entered in the wifi SSID / wifi passphrase, but it doesn’t seem that my raspberry pi connected to anything. I suspect it’s because I’m trying to connect to university wifi and it’s complaining about something. Regardless, I tried going into resin-boot/system-connections and saw the resin-sample.ignore file, but I’m unsure of how to edit this. Are there any built-in text editors that come with the balenaOS?

Hi, to make debugging easier, you can use local mode, which requires development version of balena os. Then you can scan local devices and connect to it. You can run journalctl -u NetworkManager to see network logs.

Right, but if I can’t get my device to connect anything as is, how would I be able to find it using balena scan and then connect to it? I’m still confused, sorry.

Hi, if the University network is behind a captive portal and you need to enter some data in the browser before connecting to it then that will make things really difficult. If it is using Eduroam then you may check the following section with the Eduroam example at the bottom of it: It is best to contact your network administrator for help with the credentials themselves.

If you have Internet on your laptop then you may share the Internet with the RPi with a USB to Ethernet adapter. It is always good to have one available for situations like this and I highly recommend that.

Also recommended is to try out our WiFi Connect project: You may have better luck with connecting to your network since it has some basic Eduroam support. This way you may not need to enter WiFi credentials through the dashboard.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.