Command “switchserialmode” cannot be use in IoT2040 running Balena 2.12.7+rev2

I would like to use IoT2040 serial port as RS-485. Then I found that there is command “switchserialmode” available for configuring the port. But when I run the command “switchserialmode /dev/ttyS2 rs485” then the command still running without return.


How are you running this command, from the hostOS or within a container? This could be many things, so it would be good to understand how you’ve arrived at the problem; what have you done so far?

I ran this command on Host OS via SSH from dashboard.

Hi @burin.sapsiri,

I’ve just tried this on my own IOT2040, and you’re absolutely right that this fails. Unfortunately, I think it’s related to this issue:

I’m going to talk to our device team to see if they can confirm this. I know we’ve not updated support for the IOT2040 for a while, so I believe an internal discussion needs to take place on this.

I’m sorry this isn’t a particularly helpful answer, but we’ll get back to you when we have more information.

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Hi Heds,

I think so that it’s related to the patching issue.
But first time I think it has already been included that patch in your release.

Thank you so much for your help.
I’m looking forward to your answer.

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