Enable rs485 mode on iot-gate-imx8

we are testing a project on a CompuLab iot-gate-imx8 device and we need to access the onboard serial to comunicate using Modbus protocol.
The onboard serial can be set on 232 or 485 mode, but we cannot find a way to set it on 485.
It should be on /dev/ttymxc0
Using a Debian distro we made it work using command cl_setenv uart_mode rs485
Is there a way to enable and use the port on Balena too?

I found some additional info.
The 232/485 board is based on a SP330 chip.
The /dev/ttymxc0 port is served by IMX-uart driver
How can I switch that port from 232 to 485 and viceversa?
Having to reboot the system is also fine, I just need to set it once.
Is there a U-Boot env variable to set as in the official Debian/Yocto?

Hello @MaxFerretti78 Thanks for posting your issue and researching more about it.

Let me ask my colleagues the solution for your problem.