IoT2040 running Balena OS 2.12.7+rev1 stop working after 2 days

My device IoT2040 running Balena OS 2.12.7+rev1 stop working after around 2 days.
It disconnected from the Balena Dashboard. But it came back after reset the device.

It happen like this for all 3 installed devices.

Anyone facing the problem like this?

Hi, do you have any error logs or diagnostics you can share with us?

Now all devices were installed on site. It’s a little bit hard to get any logs. Because when it stop working, I can just only someone there reset it. Then all logs gone.

I’m waiting to get another IoT2040 to test at locally. Then I will come back to you with the logs.

Beset regards,

Hi Lucianbuzzo,

Is it possible that you can remote to my device and see what happen there.
Because now it’s a urgently thing for us. Any charge is acceptable.
After all problem solved in my system. Then this system will span out a lot.

Best regards,

This is the link to my device. I have already grant the access.

Hi, I can’t access the device, can you make sure that support access is enabled?

I have already granted.

Can you try again with this link?

I can see it now, thanks. I will check it out.

You can stop the application if you needed.
Thank you so much.

Hi there, I couldn’t find anything regarding to what might have caused the device going offline. I would recommend enabling persistent logging and letting us know if this happens again, so we can see more information on what happened before the device went offline.

Hi Sradevski,

Could you suggest me how to enable persistent logging?

Best regards

Yes, to enable it for the entire fleet in an application, you can go to “Fleet configuration” -> “Enable persistent logging”. If you want to do it for a single device, you can navigate to the device, and then “Device configuration” -> “Enable persistent logging”.