IoT2000, IS ONLINE = false


Hello, I have the following doubt, it turns out that I have configured the image for my IoT2000, which I have seen is in BETA, when I flashed the image and I connect the IoT to the network, it finds the device but I get IS ONLINE = false, I have tried with the image development, production and nothing.

Finally I did a test with a RaspBerry Pi 3, to see if it was that I was doing something wrong and it turns out that I connect the RaspBerry and when I detect the device IS ONLINE = true, does anyone know how I can modify this?

My company wants to work with the IoT2000 and this is being a real wall that I can not overcome, thank you very much for your time


Hello, the latest balenaOS release (v2.12) for IoT2000 is too old for openBalena. This sounds like an omission on our part. I’ll see if the balenaOS team plans a new release for that device and post back.

How many devices do you plan to roll out? IoT is properly supported on balenaCloud and it is free to use for up to 10 devices. That might let you get started in the meantime.


Hi. The IOT2000 needs some work to get it up to date. Will start work on it this week and keep you updated


Hello, thank you very much for the answers, my company wants to connect more than 100 devices that is why it is important to want to do it with IoT Siemens, because they have already made the investment in the devices. His idea is to start with openBalena to do the tests and see how it works and how it adapts and later on and change the paid version.