USB Wifi adapter enabling


Hi, I was wondering what Docker image I should use to get an RPI USB Wifi adapter enabled? Basically I want to be able to connect to the Raspberry PI via the terminal and for new Resin updates, via the wifi adapter, so I never have to use an ethernet cable. Is this possible?


Hi Robin,

You sure can. You just need to select the WIRELESS LAN option when downloading your resin image. Then input the credentials of the network your Pi will connect to. See the screen shot below. :smiley:



Thanks Craig. That makes sense. And basically, if it needs to be changed, I need to download a whole new image?


Hi Robyn,

Yes unfortunately you will have to re-download an image. But we are currently working on exposing the configs, so you will be able to change the wifi credentials by editing a config.json. It will also allow you to have multiple network configurations.

This is about is being tested on our staging environment so if all goes well it should be in production in the next week or so.

I’ve put on a reminder to ping you when it’s deployed :slight_smile:


Thanks Craig, it’s much appreciated. One last question. I now deployed a version using wifi. I have a very stable wifi, use it here with many devices. But after about 30min, the RPI seems to lose connection, whereas I never had that using the RPI with a standard Raspbian install. Is there anything that could cause this and is there a log for this?


Hi Robin,

Yes it’s a known problem. Our wifi driver is sub-optimal and is causing issues on a few devices. We are replacing it with a more robust driver, so a fix is on its way :smile:



Is there an update for this? I’ll be deploying edison based devices that will need to have per location wifi or lan settings and not changed when an update is pushed.


Hi Brian,

I’m not sure I completely understand the question, wifi configurations will never be altered when an update is pushed.

Robin was referring to changing wifi credentials after downloading an image, so he wouldn’t have to download a new image for each unique wifi network. A fix for that is still in the works.

We are also working on a creating a wireless access point which would allow you to update the devices wifi credentials using a mobile phone. - - although this is still being tested.

If anything is unclear feel free to contact me directly - And I’ll try get you on your way as fast as possible :slight_smile:


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. You answered it but I was looking for an update on the ability to change the wifi credentials after downloading the image. Is there an ETA on this fix?


Hey Brian, we still don’t have estimate on when it will hit production. I’m sorry about this, we have had to prioritise a few things over it which has set it back.

But I encourage you to try out our captive portal - It allows you to change wifi credentials from your phone or laptop after the device has provisioned. This should will suite your needs until the wifi config editing fix is released.


@RobinReumers @brianmichelich Hi all - I have a friend working on a command line utility for many months that manages things like WiFi on a Raspberry Pi. I haven’t tried it on Resin builds but it might work given that I know his Pirateship image builds on some things the Resin folks have done.


@rjsteinert looks like an awesome tool. Unfortunately, it will not work with images, it looks like it edits the WPA supplicant conf files, which are in the resin host OS and not the containers OS.

But we have done a lot more work on the resin access point which encourage everyone to try (it’s also working on the Edison now). -


@rjsteinert that’s a really cool project! Perhaps your friend could be convinced to create a variation of it that is resin-friendly?