Can't Get Balena OS to Boot from SD Card on Jetson Nano B01 (4GB)

I loaded two SD cards with two different versions of the OS. It stops on the screen with the logo on it.
When I press escape, the last executed line on the console is:

“Started update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes”

Thank you

Hey @georgephd, welcome to the forums!

Can you share which two versions of the OS you tried and if you have additional startup logs paste them here?


For sure one was from file:

The second file was either a second copy of the above or:

The system is not up far enough for me to capture the logs. I could take pictures of the monitor though. Won’t get to it until tomorrow afternoon.


Hey George,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble installing RaspbianOS to your Jetson Nano. I will ping the devices team to see if they can help.

In the mean time, can you try to roll back to a previous version of balenaOS so we can try to narrow down the issue?

Furthermore, any diagnostic data you can provide, including taking pictures of the monitor if you have to, would be helpful.


I have just starting with Nvidia Jetpack. There is an experiment supported through Balena on AI analysis of sound that I would like to get running.

So I don’t have a known good working Balena version. I’m willing to try older versions to help diagnose.

Thank you. ghg

Hi George,

If you connect the board to the internet with an Ethernet cable, do you see the device come up online in your dashboard?

If you want to have a serial console to the hostOS on the screen, you can type Alt + F2 on the keyboard that is connected to the Jetson device. Alternatively you can use the UART TXD and UART RXD pins with a serial-usb cable.

Please note that the console to the hostOS is available only for the development variants (dev), and you shouldn’t really need that since both the hostOS and container consoles are available in the dashboard.

I’ve checked this image and it works fine with the B01 SD-CARD on my side, you can try the steps above with it:


I booted the below distribution twice. It ends up hanging with the balena screen displayed. There is no mouse or keyboard action. The OS hangs on the last line displayed in this screen shot consistently.

@GeorgePhD I understand, but what about the dashboard? Does it appear online in your App with the ethernet cable plugged? Do you get a shell prompt with Alt + F2?


I guess I need to find out about the dashboard and how to use it. I hooked up a boot console using TTL to USB and it boots fine.

I was expecting a graphical interface on a monitor like Jetpack. I have attached the logfile

Thank you for the suggestions. ghg

(Attachment Balena Console Log 011220.txt is missing)


For some reason your boot log attachment failed to upload - can you try sending it again

Also, do let us know if the device shows up on your balenaCloud dashboard

Hi @GeorgePhD,

No, there’s no graphical interface included in the hostOS as it should to be as lightweight as possible. If you need one, you can run it in container. Here’s a graphical interface example that runs in container for the Nano:

And here’s another example that shows how to interact with your Jetson Nano in the dashboard:

Thank you for your help. ghg