Can't add AMD64 device + javascript bug

Hey Resin Engineers,

Please take a look at my device here:

Add button doesn’t show up, so I can’t add a new devices.

Also there is a Javascript bug on the page:

“Application commit: NaN%”

Peter Kalvin

Hi, notified the development team about this, and looking into what’s causing this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks so much!

Hello @imrehg
Any update on this issue? Thanks.

Hey, so the problem you’re hitting is that there aren’t any generic amd64 images to download, so there is no add device to download an image, instead it’s designed to be used for custom os builds that are amd64 compatible but not a directly support device. If you’re using a custom amd64 device but want to use a standard resin os image then your best option is probably to try an intel-nuc application, although I can’t guarantee it will work

thanks @_Page for the answer. we would like to use resin for our 36 kiosk device deployment, which is a industrial grade generic amd64 motherboard. what should we do? could you point us to any guide please how to use resin with a standard 64bit pc? thank you.

We are working on a generic x86 device type that should work on most x86 boards, we will release this image later this week or next week.
We will keep you posted.
Kind regards,

Thanks Theodor, great news. Please keep us posted. Peter

We have now added a Generic amd64 device type to our roster, if you could let us know how you get on

Thanks so much. I can see it in my generic amd64 devices. Where can we download it like other images?

Hi @PeterKAlvin,

After checking back on this with the respective team, it ends up that you should be using the Intel NUC device type for your x86-64 devices. A new release is also expected soon.

Give us a note if you face any issues in the process.

PS: The generic device type is used for dependent devices and does not offer image downloads.

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