How to update system with custom images?

Hello Resin OS developers!

For our embedded system we use industrial Asrock amd64 motherboards. Intel NUC image won’t be a good fit for us, since we are not planning to use Intel i7 series CPI, so we will start experimenting creating a support package for just a generic amd64 board.

So question comes, how can we remotely update the system if we were to create a custom resin OS? The best would be if you guys are planning to support generic amd64 with an official image :slight_smile: Is there any chance?

Thanks you

I think all the parts are coming together to allow you to update the OS remotely, but since the OS is custom, the update will be a bit more manual as well, but it’s not completely decided yet. Forwarded your question to our team, and will keep you posted with more details!


We don’t mind if updating the OS requires manual work, we can do that once in a while as long as it is possible at all.