Cannot select drive

New install of Etcher in Win 10 10.016299 HP Laptop Intel T6400 @ 2.00 GHZ
Linux Mint ISO file.
Drive: Lexar 64.02 formatted
Everything is grey in drive box; Not sure of that; I do not know the normal appearance.
When selected, green check appears, everything becomes bright for a fraction of a second and returns to dim; nothing happens.

Hey @James-Osbourne, that sounds like a bug that has recently recently been reported in the Etcher forums; Can't select a drive, there is "Lard Drive" label on the one I want to select and on Github:

Do the grey drives have any colored labels on them (i.e. “Large Drive”, or “System Drive”)?

“Large Drive”. The drive name F: is faint, but I do not know the formatting well enough to be sure it is “greyed out”.

(Does using FAT 32 make a “lard drive”? Heh.)

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We’ve just published Etcher v1.4.4, which fixes this “Lard” problem :slight_smile: