When i create system media choose flash drive,i can not select usb flash drive.It locked.

balenaEtcher version is 1.7.9,and my macOS version is 12.1
I was created system media(ubuntu) use this usb dirve successful. When i want to create another one,fount this usb dirve can not selected.

I find some informations that tell me format usb dirve use diskutil but it dose not work.
Somebody help me

Hi, it looks like the last time you formatted USB drive, you added some write locks to it which is preventing etcher from using it. You can try to reformat the drive again and disabling any write protects. You can also use a third party tool to format this such as SD Card formatter. Hope that helps.

Thanks,i will try third party tool.
But i rember that formatted USB drive failed,before formatted this time i can use it normal.

Let us know how this goes, we will be happy to help in that scenario.