Unable to select drive when using CLI


I’m using an older version of Etcher CLI because the newest version always fails on a bindings error.
When trying to burn the img into the MicroSD card (16 GB), the error “The selected drive was not found” shows up even though I’m definitely using the correct letter and win-dd does show that this indeed is a valid drive. I’m trying to do this with a brand new card. There’s no problem with using the GUI version of Etcher, but the CLI version always fails on this.

Does anybody have any idea how to solve this?

Hi there,

Could you please specify which etcher version fails on a bindings error? (having the full error message would be awesome if possible)
Also which version of Windows are you using and which architecture?

Thanks in advance!

I think you need to specify the drive as \\.\PhysicalDriveX where X is the device number, instead of by drive letter. You can get the device number either through Disk Management (where it’ll say “Disk 1” for example), or through the command line with diskpart and the list disk command.