Cannot run BalenaOS on Jetson TX1


I’ve followed instructions to try and install BalenaOS on nVidia Jetson TX1. Everything is fine until the point where the device needs to be provisioned. I put the SDCard with the BalenaOS in the device and poweron. The device boots up, and connects to the balena cloud (it says device is provisioning, and then copying from sdcard to internal storage). Afterwards the device shuts down as expected, but when I remove the SDcard and perform a restart the device doesn’t boot anymore. (balena cloud says device is in post provisioning).

The only way to recover is to put device in recovery mode and reinstall everything using JetPack.

Any help to diagnose or solve this issue will be much appreciated.


Which app? Have you given support access to the app?

Anything on the HDMI output?

More details…

I’m using Jetpack 3.3 with L4T R28.2.

During provisioning I can see that BalenaOS boots, then it does it’s thing, and performs a shutdown. Then as instructed I remove the SDCard and restart the board, and afterwards it’s dead. Doesn’t boot, and nothing on the HDMI.

I followed the “Getting started” and created an app with C++. We also tried reverting to Jet-pack 3.2 per recommendations, but no change. The device boots BalenaOS from SDCard, connects to cloud (says copying from installation media to flash), and then shutdowns, but during next power-up the device is dead.