Jetson TX2 initial provision stuck on Balena logo

I’ve got a Jetson TX2 Dev board from NVIDIA that I’m trying to use to test the Balena service. I added a device via the cloud interface, and downloaded a development BalenaOS image, called “balena-cloud-jetson-tx2-2.69.1+rev4-dev-v12.3.5”

I flashed this to an SD card using BalenaEtcher. I wiped my TX2 board and installed a L4T 32.3.1 image. I booted the TX2 with the card inserted, and the initial boot appeared to work; I saw a bunch of BalenaOS-related systemd messages, it ran for a couple minutes, then powered itself off. I removed the SD card. I turned the TX2 back on. I saw an all-white boot logo, which was replaced by a console. I’m now looking at a white screen with a turquoise Balena logo.

It’s been sitting like this for maybe 20 minutes so far. I’m logged into my dashboard at balena dashboard but I haven’t seen any indication that provisioning is taking place.

Is there a way to troubleshoot? I logged in as root on vt2 and confirmed that there’s network access, including DNS resolution. systemd shows no degraded services.


Did you by chance download this image from balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices? These images aren’t pre-joined to an application like you can expect when flashing a device with an application specific image.

You have a couple of options here. You can either use the balena CLI to join the device to your application with balena join, or login to the dashboard, navigate to your application (or create it if it doesn’t exist), then add your device, and reflash it with the image downloaded through the dashboard. This image will be named something like

If you already have the balena CLI installed, I’d go with the first option, as it’s much quicker. If you don’t have it installed, it’s quite handy for a lot of tasks, and I recommend you look into it.

Let me know if this helps.

I guess that must be what happened. I definitely went through the “add device” flow, and selected “development” but forgot to download it and then saw an image I downloaded earlier, or something?

Initially I wasn’t able to log in successfully with the CLI, but I found balena login in a guide somewhere, and that worked. Thank you.

Glad I could help. :slight_smile: