Cannot Flash on Catalina

Select Image, Select Drive, check USB, Flash
After then it jumps always to Select drive without flashing.

I’m using Catalina on MacBook Pro 2018 with an Novoo USB Hub usb c to usb 3
Full Access is activated.

With dd in a terminal all is working.

latest Etcher (1.5.100)

Does it ask you for your password when you click flash ?

There is no question.

What is the exact macOS version you are using ?
Do you see anything in the developer console ? Press CMD + SHIFT + i or click View > Toggle Developer Tools to display it.

Wed Jul 08 2020 16:23:28 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit) Toggle drive ({"drive":{"size":2019557376,"isVirtual":false,"enumerator":"DiskArbitration","logicalBlockSize":512,"raw":"/dev/rdisk2","error":null,"isReadOnly":false,"displayName":"/dev/disk2","blockSize":512,"isSCSI":false,"isRemovable":true,"device":"/dev/disk2","busVersion":null,"isSystem":false,"busType":"USB","isCard":false,"isUSB":true,"devicePath":"IODeviceTree:/PCI0@0/XHC1@14","mountpoints":[],"description":"JetFlash Transcend 2GB Media","isUAS":null},"previouslySelected":false,"sample":0.1,"applicationSessionUuid":"b2ae56e1-81ac-4a5d-a9cd-a7a92b0f2175","flashingWorkflowUuid":"23538e0d-db6a-49b5-a770-a32a0112019d"})
gui.js:126766 Wed Jul 08 2020 16:23:29 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit) Flash ({"image":"/Users/heiko/Downloads/install67.img","drives":[{"size":2019557376,"isVirtual":false,"enumerator":"DiskArbitration","logicalBlockSize":512,"raw":"/dev/rdisk2","error":null,"isReadOnly":false,"displayName":"/dev/disk2","blockSize":512,"isSCSI":false,"isRemovable":true,"device":"/dev/disk2","busVersion":null,"isSystem":false,"busType":"USB","isCard":false,"isUSB":true,"devicePath":"IODeviceTree:/PCI0@0/XHC1@14","mountpoints":[],"description":"JetFlash Transcend 2GB Media","isUAS":null}],"driveCount":1,"uuid":"bce2d562-e110-4ff3-9534-b7024f9fdaa8","status":"started","flashInstanceUuid":"bce2d562-e110-4ff3-9534-b7024f9fdaa8","unmountOnSuccess":true,"validateWriteOnSuccess":false,"sample":0.1,"applicationSessionUuid":"b2ae56e1-81ac-4a5d-a9cd-a7a92b0f2175","flashingWorkflowUuid":"23538e0d-db6a-49b5-a770-a32a0112019d"})
gui.js:126766 Elevating command: /Applications/ Helper (Renderer).app/Contents/MacOS/balenaEtcher Helper (Renderer) /Applications/
gui.js:126766 Terminating IPC server
gui.js:126766 Flash results {cancelled: true}
gui.js:126766 Wed Jul 08 2020 16:23:29 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit) Elevation cancelled ({"image":"/Users/heiko/Downloads/install67.img","drives":[{"size":2019557376,"isVirtual":false,"enumerator":"DiskArbitration","logicalBlockSize":512,"raw":"/dev/rdisk2","error":null,"isReadOnly":false,"displayName":"/dev/disk2","blockSize":512,"isSCSI":false,"isRemovable":true,"device":"/dev/disk2","busVersion":null,"isSystem":false,"busType":"USB","isCard":false,"isUSB":true,"devicePath":"IODeviceTree:/PCI0@0/XHC1@14","mountpoints":[],"description":"JetFlash Transcend 2GB Media","isUAS":null}],"driveCount":1,"uuid":"bce2d562-e110-4ff3-9534-b7024f9fdaa8","status":"cancel","flashInstanceUuid":"bce2d562-e110-4ff3-9534-b7024f9fdaa8","unmountOnSuccess":true,"validateWriteOnSuccess":false,"sample":0.1,"applicationSessionUuid":"b2ae56e1-81ac-4a5d-a9cd-a7a92b0f2175","flashingWorkflowUuid":"23538e0d-db6a-49b5-a770-a32a0112019d"})
gui.js:7847  0 devices, 0% at 0.00 MB/s (total 0.00 MB/s)  with 0 failed devices

Does running things with sudo work ?
Can you please try sudo /Applications/ ?

This is working, but not really what I want to do :slight_smile:
Any way to fix it?

Darwin 19.5.0 Darwin Kernel Version 19.5.0: Tue May 26 20:41:44 PDT 2020; root:xnu-6153.121.2~2/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

Catalina 10.15.5 (19F101)

Machine is configured with Level 1 CIS Benchmarks settings.

Running Etcher from the terminal using sudo command has solved the issue but you want to use Etcher using the normal way, Right?

Hi, yes. I don’t want to run Etcher in privileged mode by default from terminal.

Could you please elaborate on this part “After then it jumps always to Select drive without flashing.”?

I’ll break the flashing steps down
First you select the image, Do you face any problems in this step?
Then you select the target, Do you see the USB device you want to use?
then press Flash.

Could you to run this to debug further: SUDO_ASKPASS=/Applications/ sudo --askpass sh -c "echo ok && echo ok2"
it should open a dialog to ask for the password and then output
ok ok2

All is selected (no problems in both steps).
I press “Flash!”

No windows, no warnings, no delay after pressing the button.

I’m again directly on Position “Select Target”
My selected device is empty. My Image is still selected.

I got:

You might be able to get further info from the macOS Console app – it’s in /Applications/Utilities/ Open it up, start Etcher, try to flash and watch the logs as they arrive in the Console and should hopefully point us somewhere.

standard 20:23:13.003508+0200 NowPlayingTouchUI [NowPlayingTouchUI] Updating now playing apps with 0 added and 0 removed.
standard 20:23:13.003556+0200 NowPlayingTouchUI [NowPlayingTouchUI] Reloading control strip presence because of now playing apps reload.
standard 20:23:13.003770+0200 runningboardd [executable<balenaEtcher(501)>:2387] Ignoring jetsam update because this process is not memory-managed
standard 20:23:13.004611+0200 runningboardd [executable<balenaEtcher(501)>:2387] Set darwin role to: UserInteractiveNonFocal
standard 20:23:13.004849+0200 runningboardd [executable<balenaEtcher(501)>:2387] Ignoring GPU update because this process is not GPU managed
standard 20:23:13.058691+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag **** frame data ****
standard 20:23:13.058736+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag frames/s (IntervalRate) 24.3
standard 20:23:13.058767+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag frames/s (IntervalRateIgnoringDelay) 24.9
standard 20:23:13.058789+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag ms (OperationDuration) 164.7
standard 20:23:13.058815+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag ms/frame (AverageDuration) 38.4
standard 20:23:13.058840+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag ms/frame (StandardDeviation) 43.7
standard 20:23:13.058862+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag (NormalizedStandardDeviation) 1.1
standard 20:23:13.058887+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag ms (DelayFromOperationStart) 3.9
standard 20:23:13.058913+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag frames (IntervalCount) 4.0
standard 20:23:13.058979+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag **** Slow WS Update data ****
standard 20:23:13.059015+0200 PerfLogging: Console__WSWindow__WSWindowDrag updates (Slow WS Update count) 0
standard 20:23:13.069365+0200 hidd [HID] [MT] dispatchEvent Dispatching event with 2 children, _eventMask=0x2 _childEventMask=0x2 Cancel=0 Touching=0 inRange=1

Hello, I could not reproduce this issue.
What image are you flashing ?

Every Image has the same problem.

Could you try running this from the developer console:

const cp = require('child_process');
cp.execFileSync('sudo', ['--askpass', '/bin/sh', '-c', 'open .'], {env: {SUDO_ASKPASS: '/Applications/'}})

It should ask for your password and open a Finder.

In Etcher / Developer Tools / Console?

/etc/sudoers because of CIS Benschmarks:

Override built-in defaults

Defaults env_reset
Defaults env_reset,timestamp_timeout=0
Defaults tty_tickets
Defaults requiretty

child_process.js:651 Uncaught Error: Command failed: sudo --askpass /bin/sh -c open .
sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo

at checkExecSyncError (child_process.js:630)
at Object.execFileSync (child_process.js:648)
at Object.func [as execFileSync] (electron/js2c/asar.js:140)
at <anonymous>:2:4

Yes, in the developer tools console: