Cannot boot on Raspberry Pi B+


I cannot seem to boot BalenaOS on my Raspberry Pi B+. The SD card is brand new and can boot other OSes fine (Noobs, Ubuntu, Retropie etc). The Status LED flashes signifying that the Pi cannot read Kernel.img.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,


Sure! could you please tell us more details of what are you trying to install? errors that you get?


I’m trying to use the Balena Cloud to get this set up:

When adding the device on the set up page, the lowest Pi I can select is the Raspberry Pi 2, latest revision on BalenaOS and Development mode. It then creates the zip file for me. I extract the zip and can successfully burn it to the SD card. But that’s as far as I get. The pi refuses to boot.

You should select the Raspberry Pi v1/zero. You can’t see that on the list?

Feel free to share a screenshot of what you see!


These are the only versions I can see :frowning:

What’s the process that you do? Do you click the Deploy with balena button? or you are using the balena CLI?

If i’m going via Deploy with balena button i see this.!

Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-14 a les 13.13.17|273x98

I can see Rpi 1 if go to create a brand new application from scratch. But how would I then go about adding in the project I need from your github?

Charles, have in mind that Raspberry Pi B+ is armv6hf, that means that if you have an application that is not compatible with armv6hf it will not work (so you are not going to see the Raspberry Pi (v1, zero, etc.) on the list.

I recommend to click the blue button Deploy with balena that you can find on the README of the repository and then create a new application, or use an existing app with devices that are compatible with the architecture armv6hf.