Build server not correctly determining that application has a succeeded release

Ok so here is the error message I’m getting when trying to build for any application right now:

[Error]    An error occured: It is necessary that each application that has a commit1 and owns at least 1 release that has a commit2 that is equal to the commit1, owns a release that has a commit3 that is equal to the commit1 and has a status that is equal to "success".
[Error]    Not deploying release.
[Error]    Upstream API server/DB error:

remote: error: hook declined to update refs/heads/master

Apart from the weirdly written error, I assume that this means every application must have a release with the same commit hash as is currently deployed that succeeded? I think this could be written much clearer for an end-user but ok, its technical its fine.

The real issue is that this is not true. There is a release on the application that has the same commit as the currently deployed commit and that is shown as succeeded in the balenaCloud interface, the implication being that I am not able to update the device:

Hi, we had a brief outage with our git service but that should be resolved now. Can you try the push again? Thanks.

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I see, works fine again, thank you :slight_smile: