Boot from usb on a raspberry pi3b

Hi all, im looking into managing a fleet of rpi3b(+) with balenacloud. Following the getting started guide, ive been trying to get balenaos to boot from usb. These PIs are currently all booting just fine from USB using raspbian. If I flash balenaos to SD card it works. Ive tried a few different USB sticks to no avail.

In 2.38 I see output on the screen, it says there was no OS detected and it tries to boot from tftp. In 2.43 I dont see anything on the screen.

Is it possible to boot balanaos through USB on a PI3B?

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Hi, We don’t officially support anything other than SD card booting at the moment. For workaround see similar thread: Can't boot from USB SSD?
We are working to make this feature available.

Looks like it does work in 2.31. For us USB is an absolute requirement, so I’ll check back in a few months to see if things have changed. Thanks for the reply.