Bluetooth on NUC only works with generic x86 base image, not NUC base

I have two identical NUCs.

Both devices are in the same fleet and I’m running all these commands from the HostOS console.

Unit 1 - NUC Image [balenaOS 2.98.20]

Unit 2 - Generic x86 image [balenaOS 2.95.12+rev1]


On the non-working device, I see this in the dmesg output

Should I just be using the x86 base image, or is there a bug in the NUC image?


thanks for contacting support. This is indeed an issue in the NUC image, we already have a PR fixing it on the way: balena-connectivity: Include iwlwifi-quz-a0-hr-b0 and iwlwifi-quz-a0-jf-b0 by mtoman · Pull Request #488 · balena-os/balena-intel · GitHub

If you need to use bluetooth in your application and do not want to wait for this to be merged and released, you can use the generic x86 image, the only downside is that it allocates more storage space for the OS.

Thanks for the quick response. Is the timeline for that PR to make it to prod measured in days or weeks?

We have quite a bit of persistent storage on this device that I’d rather not have to re-deploy. Bluetooth isn’t urgent so I can wait. It’ll be considerably easier to just run a OS Update rather than re-provisioning the device.