Bluetooth not working on BalenaCloud (Asus Tinker Board S R2.0)

Asus Tinker Board S R2.0 Bluetooth issue: When using the image for the Tinker Board S, I’m unable to use Bluetooth on the board.

Having another Debian installed, it all works. Only the Balena-Cloud image does not work for Bluetooth.

My question: Does Balena-Cloud image support Bluetooth at all ? (I’m on development-image right now).

I saw another ticket open about Balena-Cloud and WiFi issue. They might be related since Bluetooth and Wifi are most likely on the same chip.

I am also using the BalenaCloud (Asus Tinker Board S R2.0) and I have the problem that Bluetooth is not working on it.

I have tried to connect my laptop to another same board and it works fine, so I think this is a problem with my board.

I have installed all the drivers for BlueTooth and my laptop is able to find the device as well, but when I try to connect it with my phone or tablet, nothing happens, just a popup message “cannot connect” appears on my laptop screen.

Does anyone know how can I fix this issue?

Hi, yes! you should be able to connect to bluetooth. Have you seen the bluetooth block? GitHub - balenablocks/bluetooth: Optimized bluetooth agent for balenaOS. Based on BlueZ 5.0.

It has some great info on getting started with bluetooth

Yep, it actually helped. Thanks for sharing such a knowledgeable source.

Thanks for your feedback, we are glad the block helped you out. If you are interested, then you can check out all the blocks we offer over here: balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish fleets, projects, and blocks for edge devices

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Can I use Balena Cloud with this bluetooth block ?? My problem is not to get Bluetooth working. My problem is that Bluetooth does not work when Balena Cloud is used ! Any solution to that ? Same is true for WiFi in combination with Balena Cloud…

Can you explain a little more about your issue? balenaCloud probably isn’t related to the device’s issues of bluetooth or wifi not working. BalenaCloud is a fleet management platform that manages IoT devices. Or, do you mean to say balenaOS? Please provide context about your setup and how you intend to use it and what’s not working. Thanks!

Can I use Balena Cloud with this bluetooth block ?

To answer your question, you surely can. The bluetooth block can be added onto your existing app using docker-compose so that it runs with your other services. Here’s blog post for reference that does just that: Two projects, one device: turn your Raspberry Pi into a multitool!