Bluetooth Audio not working without Internet connection [solved]


So guys i got it working by adding a variable : SOUND_MODE and set its value to STANDALONE,
as i am not interested in MultiRoom :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed explanations on your website and again i really appreciate all your work :slight_smile:

Hello guys,

just installed everything according to the getting started guide on balena sound.

configured my dac and it plays audio through my dac.

But i wanted to use it in a room where i dont have access to the internet as a bluetooth audio receiver. The problem is if i disconnect it from the internet it stops playing music (bluetooth connection is still there). if i connect it again it works fine.
I didnt really configure anything with the CLI deploy and just let the settings default.
If i quit the multiroom server it also stops working ? Im not using multiroom just bluetooth.

multiroom-server Starting multi-room server…
multiroom-server 2021-08-27 13-18-22.577 [Error] (Avahi) Failed to create client: Daemon not running
multiroom-client 2021-08-27 13-18-23.542 [Error] (Controller) Failed to send hello request, error: Operation timed out
multiroom-client 2021-08-27 13-18-23.542 [Error] (Controller) Time sync request failed: Operation timed out
multiroom-client metadata:{“STREAM”:“balenaSound”}

All services are running by default.
Im playing music from my smartphone via spotify per bluetooth to the raspberry pi (balena os8776).

multiroom-client metadata:{“STREAM”:“balenaSound”}
multiroom-server 2021-08-27 13-08-37.420 [Error] (StreamSessionTCP) Error reading message header of length 0: End of file
multiroom-server 2021-08-27 13-08-37.421 [Error] (StreamSession) StreamSession write error (msg length: 2519): Broken pipe
multiroom-server 2021-08-27 13-08-37.421 [Error] (StreamSessionTCP) Error in socket shutdown: Socket not connected

Raspberry Pi 4
[balenaOS 2.80.5+rev1]
HifiBerry DAC2 HD

I gave support access to my device.

btw i really appreciate all of your work here. on other services youd have to pay just to use bluetooth audio.

Glad you got it to work! For future reference in case anyone finds this post the documentation website for balenaSound can be found here: Getting started - Home

Would this be helpful for anyone?