balenasound says i need spotify premium to use my speaker

i am using a raspberry pi 4 with balenasound got it to work but spotify connect says i need spotify premium to use the speaker

edit:tell me if i need to upload anything

another edit(lol):the spotify service is restarting unexpectedly why?..
:fearful: :fearful: :fearful:

Is the Spotify client that you are using (phone, laptop, etc) on the same network as your speaker?

yes i am using a linux laptop with spotify instaled on the same wifi

Hi @Firsty_GR,

We’ve had a look into this, and I can confirm that in fact due to the use of the librespot library, which states:
“Note: librespot only works with Spotify Premium. This will remain the case for the foreseeable future, as we are unlikely to work on implementing the features such as limited skips and adverts that would be required to make librespot compliant with free accounts.”
This is due to the

Our README in this regard is incorrect, and we’ll make a PR to ensure that the documentation for balenaSound is clearer. You will indeed need a Premium account to use balenaSound with Spotify.

Thanks for letting us know!

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damn it in whatlanguage is that lib written in ?

If you are referring to librespot, it’s written in Rust:

why dont u guys try this lib

its written in python just saying

do u know if i can replace the lib u already have

Hi @Firsty_GR and thanks for the link. It’s not likely we are going to switch out the librespot library at this time but we have updated the balenaSound README to correctly mention that a premium account is required for the use of Spotify Connect.