Did the recommended raspberry pi 4 version change from balenaOS 2.53.12+rev1 to balenaOS 2.51.1+rev1?

Yesterday I was using CLI to download the raspberrypi4-64 balenaOS 2.53.12+rev1, but today it said that the version was not found. I checked the dashboard and now when I click add device it defaults to balenaOS 2.51.1+rev1, when previously it was balenaOS 2.53.12+rev1.

not quite sure how you managed to download OS version 2.53.12 the other day because balenaOS 2.52.3 - 2.54.1 have been withdrawn from production due to a security issue in the supervisor.
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How do I roll back my devices to use v2.51.1+rev1? I tried this but Got the error below

balena device os-update uuid --version v2.51.1+rev1.prod

There are no available Host OS update targets for this device

Are you trying to rollback from 2.53.12 ? Unfortunately downgrading a device is not supported…

Yes I am. Ok thanks