BalenaOS not booting for our devices after version 2.9.7+rev2

Hi there,

We’ve reported this in the past but then dropped off on continuing to support the investigation due to time restrictions on our end. However, seeing as 2.9.7 is becoming much older and we may want to upgrade our fleet soon, we’ll need some support on getting this resolved.

Installing any version passed 2.9.7+rev2 seems to render the device inoperable. It doesn’t boot or connect to our Balena Cloud. Our Odroids are basically XU-4s however the specific ones we’ve purchased are technically part of the MC-1 stack (4 x XU-4s one on top of the other) so the device is considered an MC-1 Solo.

Here’s a link to the device: and here’s the link to the MC-1 (in case there’s an interest in seeing what I mean):

This should technically run the same as an XU-4. It’s strange because the 2.9.7 build works flawlessly.

On another note the ONLY change we’re making post-flashing is adding “hostname” to the config.json file. Not sure if that makes a difference but wanted to mention it in case it does.


Hi @dblaise - I’ll reach out to you privately about adding support for this device, since our team hasn’t had their hands on an MC-1 Solo yet, so the fact that it worked on 2.9.7 is lucky but unintentional :slight_smile:

I have the same issue here with the balena os v.2.31.5+rev1.

Any new version is working on the Odroid MC-1?

Hello, we have no plans to support the Odroid MC-1 for now.
Support may be added in the future if there’s enough demand.