BalenaOS for BeagleboneBlack on burned MicroSD with Etcher doesnot boot

Hello there,
I downloded BalenaOS prod .img file(balena-cloud-beaglebone-black-2.73.1+rev2-v12.4.6.img) and burned it to a MicroSD which is 8 GB using Balena Etcher in macOS pc. Then when beagleboard black is powered of state, I inserted MicroSD to board, then power on with 5V directly with power plug. All 4 leds in board are blinking then I insert microHDMI and check the console. Only linux penguin is displayed and it waits. No log appears on console. Then only 2 leds are lighted on.
I wait more than 55 minutes nothing changed. Then I removed microSD and powered off the board. Powered on board with no MicroSD. Nothing comes in console.

In BalenaOS image version file it is MMC flasher so I expect it will flash contents to eMMC then will start from eMMC direct with no microSD.

Thanks for any comment of help!

I forgot to add details of BBB. It is BeagleBoneBlack REV C. It has 4 GB eMCC disk, 500MB DDR3 ram, 1GHz Sitara AM3358 ARM Cortex-A8 Processor.

I have tested BBB board with Balena cloud and I could see my BBB device running on Cloud dashboard. I realized that ssh to device is closed. Device is controlled with console on cloud gui. Sorry for my earl question.


Thanks for reaching out. So are you able to use the device now? I see your second ping which mentions the device is now showing up on Balena Cloud dashboard.

Thanks for quick response, I can see my devices on Balenacloud and can push and run docker apps successfully


Just a quick note that the dashboard web terminal is not the only way to ssh into a device. You can also ssh to it from the CLI, however, you need to add a public SSH key to the balenaCloud dashboard beforehand. You can find a detailed guide on how to ssh via the CLI here.

Is there anything else we can do to assist you or we may close the issue?