Which Device Type is appropriate to setup a CM3+ (with eMMC)

I am new to balena cloud and played with BalenaFin, works well with CM3L; now I would like to test out devices such as CM3+ with eMMC storage.
I tried to flash BalenaOS for raspberry pi 3 64bits (BETA) on one of them, did not work.

What device type should I select with my RPI CM3+? or what BalenaOS repository is suitable?

Hi there. If you mean you’re trying to use a CM3+ with on-board eMMC storage with your balenaFin, they aren’t compatible so that won’t work. You can only use a CM3L or CM3+L with balenaFin as the Fin has it’s own eMMC that will with the one on the CM3/CM3+.

Thanks Chris,

Sorry I did not explain well; I am not trying to use CM3+ with BalenaFin and noticed onboard eMMC; I am interested in running CM3+ devices with BalenaOS, and have my own board to host them.

Is there a balena OS suitable (or device type)?

In that case I believe the Raspberry Pi 3 device type would be the best starting point. Is there any more information you can give us about your board? The peripherals you have on the board would dictate if it was fully supported by balenaOS.

Board is a Mininode carrier board for a handful of CM3; I think Yocto builds are the way, and would like to test out your OS since it is Yocto based. [https://www.mininodes.com/product/5-node-raspberry-pi-3-com-carrier-board/](http://Mininode Carrier Board)
Peripheral is very limited, LAN only at the moment.

Out of interest, I tested BalenaFin with CM3+ 16Gb running raspbian OS, BalinaFin boots with Raspbian fine and everything works as far as I can tell. So I figured BalenaFin has a way to switch in between its internal eMMC and Compute Module 3 boot in that instance, is that right?

I have just flashed new Balena OS with RPI3 device type, CM3+ booted fine with it; it is a shame that 64bit OS did not work, I guess it is still Beta. I will give it another go later.

Would you have expected CM3+ to boot with 64bits OS?

hi @ philippet12 , its odd that the CM3 with onboard eMMC works, as far as I know we don’t have any hardware detection or anything to switch between the eMMC.

With regards to the pi3-64 balenaOS on the fin, I assume that version of the OS doesn’t have the correct dt-blob.bin to make the fin boot correctly. We still need to add a balenafin-64bit device type, but it hasn’t been a priority yet.

Hi Shaun,
that’s strange then that BalenaFin is behaving that way; my guess is that it is possible because I flashed CM3 (with eMMC) module using different dev board model. If I had used BalenaFin it would only let me load the BalenaFin onboard eMMC.

Balena cloud allows to select device type RPI 3 (64 bits), is that legit BalenaOS shown as BETA?

I believe that in order to make the 64 bit OS work we would need to add the dt_blob and overlay from https://github.com/balena-io/balena-fin/tree/master/software