BalenaFin 4Dsystems display compatibility

We are using a raspberry pi connected to a custom PCB via the HAT connector. On our custom board, we have a display connector to connect to this display.

The display requires a custom kernel. Would that kernel modification be compatible with the Raspian Image that balena provides?


Hi @wmarchewka
I’m not familiar with the exact requirements of the 4dpi, but looking through their documentation I think that this sample project for building an out-of-tree kernel module should help point you in the right direction

Re-reading the thread, I can see that you are looking at adding this to the fin-specific raspbian image. As far as I can tell, you should be able to follow the steps shown in the 4dpi getting started guide as normal. The raspbian image we provide has very little divergence from the standard raspbian, and is mostly adding necessary firmware

Thank you. Yes i have installed the kernel mods with our rpi 3+ and it works fine. Thinking about using the balenaFin as replace for the rpi. I ordered two of the 32GB modules to try and test.

Do let us know how it goes once you receive your test devices :+1: