Balenafin with a HyperPixel HAT

Hi. New here. I did a search first but did not really get what I needed.

Wanting to add a HyperPixel Raspberry Pi HAT and wondered if anyone has experience with that? What works well, what didn’t.

Also curious about the physical mounting to the Fin. The header pins line up of course but the mounting holes are different then the Pi. (I do not have the HyperPixel yet)

Also, not stuck on the H.Pixel, if there is another brand of non-touch screen HAT what would be recommended I am good with that too.


Hi there @VinHoo and welcome to the forums.

The Fin is compatible with any HAT, and the mounting holes do line up, the only difference is that it has 3 of the normal 4 mounting holes; you’ll notice on one side of the header one of the holes is missing. One of the 3 holes is shared with the mPCIe slot also.

I only have the old 3.5" Hyperpixel display which doesn’t actually have any mounting pins like the 4.0" does, but I just fitted it to a Fin and got it running (with touch screen) on Raspbian Buster:

Thanks @chrisys! This was very helpful.