balenaEtcher killed my usb

I used this app to flash Linux Lite to my 32 gb pendrive. The flash was successful, i unpluged it from my pc and inserted it to my laptop. It booted but when I selected install linux lite, it started loading forever, so i tured the laptop off by holding the power button. I removed the usb stick and when I pluged it onto my pc it said please insert usb. It does show into diskpart but it says 0 bytes, and it doesnt show in disk management. I’m conserned for my usb stick, because I bought it 2 days ago. How do I fix this?

Hey, can you try to flash another image into the same USB stick and come back here with the results? Or if you want, you can try a different USB stick with the same image and try to boot your laptop from that USB.

I tried to but, the usb does not show up in balenaetcher. Also I do not have another usb, even if I
had another one, I want this usb stick fixed because it was expensive and I bought it 2 days ago.

Hi there – from what you’ve described, it seems like the instructions at Disk part to recover drives may be able to help you. Can you go through the instructions at “– Manual Method via Diskpart – Windows:” there and let us know if this works for you?

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Like it says in the image that I uploaded, I cannot run the command clean. This softwere broke my usb.

Hi David, have a look at this post for some solutions when the clean command is not working

That didn’t help either, this softwere broke my usb…

I had to get my usb professionaly professionally fixed, because this softwere broke it. Never using this poorly made softwere ever again. Just go and use Rufus. Bye!

Hello @nightmare05010 it is very unlikely for Etcher to break a USB stick, in fact Rufus even has an informative FAQ entry about it, everything discussed there applies to Etcher as well. Nonetheless, Im sorry to hear you experienced issues here.
From the screenshot you posted it seems like you are experiencing this issue, I would suggest to follow the steps in there should it every occur again.