balenaEtcher 1.5.63 Ubuntu Linux

Hi, I’ve been using Etcher for almost a year. I’m using the appimage version. Up until the recent release 1.5.63 it created an icon in applications. But not this version. Doesn’t cause a problem for me but I’ve gone over your forum and have not seen it reported. Note this happens on two different machines running Ubuntu and same thing on Manjaro Gnome version. If I install an older version the icon is present as I’ve seen it before. Overlooked? Done intentionally?



Thank you for the report, I’ve passed your question to our Etcher maintainer and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hi there,
We had to upgrade the electron-builder module to version 21 which doesn’t include that functionality anymore, so while it’s not done 100% intentionally (as in, not for that reason), we had to upgrade for a number of other reasons (e.g. support for newer macOS Catalina)

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I’ve worked around that by “grabbing the icon when the app launches” and “adding it to favorites menu” I still have the app file on the desktop just for S&G’s but this seems to work consistently.

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