BalenaDash Tohora change UI


I would like to change the tohora UI, I saw inside the BalenaDash Project on RPI4 (64bit).

# build tohora from source
FROM balenalib/raspberrypi3-golang as builder
RUN go get -d -v
WORKDIR /go/src/

RUN go build 

I downloaded the Github repo and changed the HTML files inside and stored all folder as tohora folder inside my kiosk folder.


Now inside Dockerfile.raspberry4-64.template

build tohora from source (replace the one above)

FROM balenalib/raspberrypi3-golang as builder
COPY ./tohora ./tohora
WORKDIR /tohora
RUN go build 

I wanted to do this and build it without having to go get from the Github.
When building it I get following error:

What is the correct path, I have to set in the Dockerfile? Thanks

Hey there,

The Tohora UI is a project made by one of our contributors. I would recommend checking in with them via github (maybe raise an issue):

They will be much better placed to assist you.